Salado Springs

The CUWCD Salado Creek gauge system was established in 2007 and consists of two stream gauges located on reaches of Salado Creek above and below Salado Springs. The purpose of the gauge system is to measure Salado Springs discharge. CUWCD employs the Salado Springs spring flow measurements to provide a metric for a schedule of trigger conditions to impose conservation pumping restrictions. CUWCD imposes conservation pumping restrictions to ensure that the minimum discharge (100 acre-feet per month) specified in the Desired Future Condition of the Edwards (BFZ) aquifer is achieved at all times including periods of climatic or other stresses on the aquifer that result in a decline in spring flow. Based on historical data and recent analysis, CUWCD’s drought management program has proven effective in curtailing groundwater withdrawals from the Edwards (BFZ) aquifer and, consequently, protecting Salado Springs spring flow during climatic and other stresses on the aquifer.

The gauges consist of a pressure transducer and data logger that continuously record stage height at each gauge. CUWCD developed a process to subtract the flow-rate at the upper gauge from the (increased) flow-rate at the lower gauge to estimate Salado Springs discharge.

Salado Creek Alarms
Salado Creek Alarms


Salado Creek – Water Levels
Salado Creek 5 Day
Salado Creek 7 Day
Salado Creek 30 Day

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